Isabella Ayesha Amese - Baptist Medical Centre Nalerigu

Medical Director

Dr. Isabella Ayisha Amese is a native of Nalerigu who has lived in the community for most of her life. She is a proud beneficiary of a sponsorship package from the George Faile Foundation to study medicine after her first degree in applied sciences.


She arrived in BMC in 2017 to begin her clinical practice at the Baptist Medical Centre – Nalerigu and has been practicing to this day. She became the Clinical Care Coordinator in 2019 and was appointed to the position of the Medical Director in June 2020.


She believes in teamwork and her practice is patient-centered and fuelled by her love of Christ. Her priorities are derived from the mission statement of the hospital and thus far gets meeting the medical needs of all people by providing quality and affordable healthcare delivered by well-trained, highly motivated, and customer friendly professional health staff, with the intent that Christ be glorified, people evangelised, and the local Church strengthened.


Her projections for the future involves adequate staffing of all cadre of staff, positioning the hospital to become a teaching hospital, engaging in partnerships that will encourage medical exchange programs and research.


She opens her doors to all well-meaning individuals and/or organisations who would want to partner with the facility in achieving holistic health under the above conditions.

  • Medical Director
  • Medical Director
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