BMC laboratory currently is ran by five biomedical scientist, three medical laboratory technicians and seven medical laboratory assistance. Staffs from the laboratory are well knowledgeable, experienced and trained in providing quality services that meets the standard and needs of both the physicians and the patients.

The laboratory offers 24 hours analytical diagnostic services that contributes to maximizing the effective delivery of health care.

The following services are provided by the hospital laboratory

  1. Microbiology unit
  • Serology – HIV screening and confirmation test, Hepatitis B & C testing, HBV profile.
  • Parasitology – Routine examination of stool, Routine examination of urine, High vaginal swab, stool for occult blood test, stool for Helicobacter pyloric test. Skin snip for onchocerca analysis, skin scrapping using KOH.
  1. Bacteriology – cerebrospinal fluid for gram stain, Acid fast smear (ZN), GeneXpert for MTB. Semen analysis, urine pregnancy test, Sputum analysis for Acid fast smear (ZN)
  2. Hematology – HB electrophoresis, Erythrocyte sedimentation rate, C- reactive protein, Coagulation test (clotting time, bleeding time, APTT, INR etc.). Full blood count, blood film comment for malaria parasite, sickling test, Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency test.
  3. Clinical biochemistry – Hormone analysis, Liver function test, Renal function test, Lipid profile, electrolytes (Na, K, Cl, Ca, Mg), blood glucose profile (FBS, RBS, HB1AC)
  4. Blood banking
  5. Specialized test – COVID-19 using GeneXpert.

The laboratory equally serves as a center for rotation of allied health professionals in various training institutions within Ghana and national service personnel.

  1. X Ray/ Ultra Sound Services

BMC has two (2) modern XRAY equipment (mobile and ceiling mount) which provide imaging service to support prescribers work. Again BMC have four (4) ultra sound machines to support diagnosis service at all times.