The chaplaincy unit of Baptist Medical Centre is made of a chaplain and two assistants.

As a spiritual unit of the BMC, the unit work to ensure the total wellbeing of both staff and patients. 3 John 2 (Spiritual and social economic wellbeing).

The work of the unit includes:

  • Conducting daily Morning devotions for both staff and patients at 7:00am to 7:30pm and 9:30am to 10:00am respectively.
  • Organise weekly Bible Studies and prayers.
  • Provide palliative  care service for terminal ill patients.
  • Conduct daily ward visitation and prayers for patients.
  • Conduct needs assessment to ensure that only needy patients benefit from the hospital charity support package.
  • Undertake follow-ups on patients in their respective communities.
  • Give proper burials to abandoned cops
  • Offer counselling services for both staff and patients / community members
  • Register National Health Insurance for needy members of the communities and also ensure yearly renewals of those cards.
  • Take care of the health needs of mental challenge and patients with down syndrome among others..